I Sit, Listen and Wait


Mirrored perspex (located above a false wall)



"I am sitting in the eastern most corner of the east of Room 125. Two large partitions enclose the area to create a makeshift room, in an otherwise open planned space. As I sit down in a mustard yellow armchair, I fall back unaware of how much the chair dips back. Taken by surprise, I assess my surroundings. Parallel to the yellow armchair sit two other identical yellow armchairs. Next to one of them, on the floor sits a mostly empty bottle of Gossips ‘Sweet Lips’ 2013 Moscato wine. I notice some empty plastic cups in the corner on table tucked in between a yellow armchair and bright orange sofa. Next to the cups is an empty coffee cup and a cardboard takeout box.  I wonder what happened in here." 

I Sit, Listen and Wait is a site-specific artwork in response to Studio Room 125, presented at the Curtin University Art Degree Show in 2016. The annual exhibition takes place in one of the large open-plan studios used by students throughout the semester.  By the end of each year, this space is cleared of furniture and re-painted by students and staff. This site intervention directly responded to a false wall installed specifically for the Degree show used to hide the collection of furniture stacked behind it.