Somewhere in between (the squeak of old chairs, the cars on the main road and the sound of familiar voices getting louder and then quieter)


MDF, paint and brackets. 


Somewhere in between, responds to the Tangent Gallery, a site of interest in my practice while studying at Curtin University. The Tangent Gallery is situated on campus in Building 202 and is an access point for students to get from Building 202 to Building 212 and surrounding Department of Design and Art buildings. It is utilized as a free space for students to exhibit works. Prior to the conceptualization of this work, I had observed the site over time, taking note of the transitory nature of this space and the debris left behind as a result of students passing through. The premise for the shelf was to collect the patina and debris of the Tangent Gallery and highlight the architectural specificity of the gallery, particularly the characteristic slope of the floor. The title gestures towards the location of the Tangent Gallery as a liminal space, somewhere in between the activities of the Third Year Studio spaces and the Painting Studio, Room 125.

Photo: Paul Sutherland.